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In 1960 and continuing for years, most NYPD cars were six-cylinder Plymouths, although the department also evaluated the compact Rambler Classic in 1962. Modifications were also made to the livery: In 1961, the NYPD adopted a new badge-shaped door shield for its cars, and the precinct assignment was relegated to a sticker on the back door. That same year, the "POLICE N.Y." signage was removed from RMP hoods. Also, it had been decades since cars had removable back fenders, but the department continued to paint part of the quarter panels black, usually aft of the wheel openings. In 1970 many Ford Galaxies were added to the New Yook Police Department fleet.  The rearmost black paint scheme endured until 1973 when the NYPD switched to a new department insignia and the white-over-blue paint, which became so emblematic of the next generation of New York Police cars.

GC-NYPD-001 1970 Ford Galaxie New York Police Department

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